Sky Striker

Sky Striker 1.70

Impressively realistic


  • Good graphics
  • Three planes to choose from
  • Exciting missions and storyline


  • Fiddly and difficult to play
  • Overrides your phone’s sound settings


Have you ever dreamt of flying a Top Gun jet when you’re sat on the bus? The new game, Sky Striker aims to provide you with just that experience: a complete combat flight simulator with good graphics, tricky physics and multiple weapon options.

Having managed to get the game to run (by deleting everything else from our test phone’s memory – Sky Striker’s a real resource hog), the first thing we noticed was that it overrides your phone’s profile settings. Even on a phone set to silent, the game starts with full volume music. This irritation isn’t unique to Sky Striker but it’s an irritation all the same. Developers ought to design games which work with your phone’s current set of options, rather than completely ignoring them.

Having adjusted the volume of the music, we gingerly started a mission, read the briefing and selected a plane. Suddenly, we’re mid flight with the nose dipping violently toward the ground… a sharp tug on the joystick (pushing ‘down’ on the phone’s middle button) saved us… but for how long?!

Once you’ve got the hang of the controls, it’s time to try and enjoy the game. Sky Striker’s ‘War on Terror’ storyline, smart, quick graphics and choice of three planes makes it an exciting, addictive and enjoyable challenge. Avoiding causing civilian deaths while simultaneously dodging enemy fire and trying to attack military positions is tough at the best of times but on a mobile phone it’s really hard work. After a while of squinting at the screen, fumbling with the buttons and trying to steer this supersonic jet, you start to wonder: is this really the best sort of game to be developing for a mobile phone?

As a proof of concept, Sky Striker is an impressive feat. It combines nearly all the features of the sort of game we played 12 years ago on PCs and fits them onto a cell phone. It’s very clever but unfortunately, it’s pretty fiddly and just not that much fun to play. Added to that the bad experience with the sound and you’re left with a pretty (and not very highly recommended) memory leech.

Take your phone games to the next level and enjoy PC-like 3D graphics and physics with the industry's first mobile combat flight simulator. Based on Symbian and Windows Mobile versions of Mobiola 3DE physics engine “Sky Striker” pushes the limits of mobile gaming experience in realism and speed. “Sky Striker” is a break-through game that will make you think you are sitting behind the super jet yoke anywhere you like.

Do all kinds of stunts, hunt for enemy jets, destroy ground targets and while playing chose between 2 stunning views one from inside of cockpit, and another from just behind your plane.

You will be able to participate in interception and assault missions and fly 3 types of modern jets F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-4 Phantom II and B-2 Spirit equipped by 4 types of powerful weapons, including missiles, a machine gun, rocket pods and bombs. You will have limited ammunition for each mission. Be careful and watch for enemy fighters, guns and rockets and good luck with your missions. Stay tuned for the new mission packs with additional jets and weapons.

Sky Striker


Sky Striker 1.70

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